Training on Research Grants Writing INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVES

Wednesday | 10th May, 2023


  Research funding is defined as a grant obtained for conducting scientific research generally through a competitive process. To apply for grants and securing research funding is an essential part of conducting research when finances are the limitation for it.

It is possible to conduct many research projects without any external funding if the infrastructure to conduct the research is available with the researcher or institution. It is also unethical to order tests for research purpose when it does not benefit patient directly or is not part of the standard of care. Research funding is required to meet these expenses and smooth execution of research projects. Securing funding for the research project is a topic that is not discussed during post-graduation and afterwards during academic career especially in medical science.

Many good ideas do not materialize into a good research project because of lack of funding. This is an art which can be learnt only by practicing and we intend to throw light on major hurdles faced to secure research funding on Wednesday 10th of May, 2023. Program timeline will be provided in due course of time, after this registration.

Outcome of this training is expected to be the learned skills along with familiarity with the tools for writing a winning research grant.